Kaitlyn Wilcher

BFA, Illustration

Artist Statement

I mainly touch on my anxieties, ups and downs, and the struggles I had to hop over to find a solution. Me, being so sensitive, looking into other people’s shoes and never liking to be in my own. I want to communicate to others that self-love and care is important, and that everyone is not alone being so pressured, also heavily stressed, by society’s standards of relationships, education, how to live, and how to act. I also realized that we get so pushed and rushed into situations that we cannot react properly. So, my art touches on normality because what is being normal? Everyone is an individual with their own thoughts, feelings, and opinions. So, everyone is just a new type of abnormal looking for their own inner happiness.

I Am Alone and That Is Ok – Cover, 2020

I Am Alone and That Is Ok – Page 2, 2020

Moon, 2020

Morning, 2019

untitled, 2020

Change, 2020
GIF Animation

I Am Alone and That Is Ok – Page 1, 2020

I Am Alone and That Is Ok – Page 3, 2020

Infatuation, 2020

Sun Set, 2020

Reflection, 2020

Swans – Book Cover, 2020

Cheerio The Cat, 2020
Digital Animation

Adrian Castaneda

BFA, Drawing


Flashbulb memories from my childhood consistently revolve around my brain. Primarily, memories from when sex was ubiquitous in my surroundings. Not in a disconcerting or offensive way but glorified into comedy and wonder. Along with that, my youth had been overflown with deception, obscurity and degradation. Out of it, I concocted a fondness and adoration for actions, taboos, and objects of eroticism. My work conveys imagery of emotions caught in moments of sexual bliss or intimidation. My fetish for soft and rough intimacy is achieved in combining the smoothness of pastel and texture of white acrylic paint. I create compositions that tell stories, using the human figure and yonic or phallic objects as physical anomalies that are both awful and seductive. Awful in the textures and gore within the physicality of the figure. Yet, seductive by appealing to the viewers eyes through vibrant colors and technical skill.

Impermissa, 2020
Soft pastel & acrylic, 42″x48″

Transcendence, 2019
Soft pastel, 36″x42″

In Seventh Heaven, 2020
Soft pastel, 42″x36″

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